Browser Extension (Firefox)

Docspell Documentation

The idea is to click on a file in firefox and send it to docspell. It is downloaded in the context of your current page. Then handed to an application that pushes it to docspell. There is a browser add-on implementing this in tools/webextension. This add-on only works with firefox.

Installation is a bit complicated, since you need to install external tools and the web extension. Both work together.

Install dscπŸ”—

First copy the dsc tool somewhere in your PATH, maybe /usr/local/bin.

Install the native partπŸ”—

Then install the "native" part of the web extension:

Copy or symlink the script into some known location. For example:

ln -s ~/docspell-checkout/tools/webextension/native/ /usr/local/share/docspell/

Then copy the app_manifest.json to $HOME/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/docspell.json. For example:

cp ~/docspell-checkout/tools/webextension/native/app_manifest.json  ~/.mozilla/native-messaging-hosts/docspell.json

See here for details.

And you might want to modify this json file, so the path to the script is correct (it must be absolute).

If the dsc tool is in your $PATH, then this should work. You need to provide a default source id in your ~/.config/dsc/config.toml so that the upload command can be used without further arguments.

Otherwise, edit the script and change the path to the tool and/or the arguments. Or create a file $HOME/.config/docspell/dsc.cmd whose content is the path to the dsc tool.

Install the extensionπŸ”—

An extension file can be build using the script. But installing it in "standard" firefox won't work, because Mozilla requires extensions to be signed by them. This means creating an account and going through some process…. So here are two alternatives:

  1. Open firefox and type about:debugging in the addressbar. Then click on 'Load Temporary Add-on...' and select the manifest.json file. The extension is now installed. The downside is, that the extension will be removed once firefox is closed.
  2. Use Firefox ESR, which allows to install Add-ons not signed by Mozilla. But it has to be configured: Open firefox and type about:config in the address bar. Search for key xpinstall.signatures.required and set it to false. This is described on the last paragraph on this page.

When you right click on a file link, there should be a context menu entry 'Docspell Upload Helper'. The add-on will download this file using the browser and then send the file path to the script. This script will in turn call dsc which finally uploads it to your configured URLs.

Open the Add-ons page (Ctrl+Shift+A), the new add-on should be there.