Upload CLI (⊗)

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⚠ Please note

This script is now obsolete, you can use the CLI tool instead.

Use the upload command (or the up alias), like dsc up *.pdf.


The tools/ds.sh is a bash script to quickly upload files from the command line. It reads a configuration file containing the URLs to upload to. Then each file given to the script will be uploaded to al URLs in the config.

The config file is expected in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/docspell/ds.conf. $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to ~/.config.

The config file contains lines with key-value pairs, separated by a = sign. Lines starting with # are ignored. Example:

# Config file
url.1 = http://localhost:7880/api/v1/open/upload/item/5DxhjkvWf9S-CkWqF3Kr892-WgoCspFWDo7-XBykwCyAUxQ
url.2 = http://localhost:7880/api/v1/open/upload/item/6DxhjkvWf9S-CkWqF3Kr892-WgoCspFWDo7-XBykwCyAUxQ

The key must start with url. The urls should be anonymous upload urls.


  • The -c option allows to specifiy a different config file.
  • The -h option shows a help overview.
  • The -d option deletes files after upload was successful
  • The -e option can be used to check for file existence in docspell. Instead of uploading, the script only checks whether the file is in docspell or not.

The script takes a list of files as arguments.


./ds.sh ~/Downloads/*.pdf