Regenerate Preview Images

Docspell Documentation🔗

This is a simple bash script to trigger the endpoint that submits task for generating preview images of your files. This is usually not needed, but should you change the preview.dpi setting in joex' config file, you need to regenerate the images to have any effect.


It is a bash script that additionally needs curl and jq.


./ [docspell-base-url]

For example, if docspell is at http://localhost:7880:

./ http://localhost:7880

The script asks for your account name and password. It then logs in and triggers the said endpoint. After this you should see a few tasks running.

There will be one task per file to convert. All these tasks are submitted with a low priority. So files uploaded through the webapp or a source with a high priority, will be preferred as configured in the job executor. This is to not disturb normal processing when many conversion tasks are being executed.