Reset Password (⊗)

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⚠ Please note

This script is now obsolete, you can use the CLI tool instead.

Use the reset-password admin command, e.g. dsc admin reset-password --account "smith/john", where smith is the collective id and john the username.

This script can be used to reset a user password. This can be done by admins, who know the admin-endpoint.secret value in the configuration file.

The script is in /tools/reset-password/ and it is only a wrapper around the admin endpoint /admin/user/resetPassword.


It's very simple: <base-url> <admin-secret> <account>

Three arguments are required to specify the docspell base url, the admin secret and the account you want to reset the password.

After the password has been reset, the user can login using it and change it again in the webapp.


❯ ./tools/reset-password/ http://localhost:7880 123 eike
  "success": true,
  "newPassword": "HjtpG9BFo9y",
  "message": "Password updated"