Api Introduction

Docspell Documentation

Docspell is designed as a REST server that uses JSON to exchange data. The REST api can be used to integrate docspell into your workflow.

Docspell REST Api Doc

The "raw" openapi.yml specification file can be found here.

The routes can be divided into protected, unprotected routes and admin routes. The unprotected, or open routes are at /open/* while the protected routes are at /sec/* and admin routes are at /admin/*. Open routes don't require authenticated access and can be used by any user. The protected routes require an authenticated user. The admin routes require a special http header with a value from the config file. They are disabled by default, you need to specify a secret in order to enable admin routes.


The unprotected route /open/auth/login can be used to login with account name and password. The response contains a token that can be used for accessing protected routes. The token is only valid for a restricted time which can be configured (default is 5 minutes).

New tokens can be generated using an existing valid token and the protected route /sec/auth/session. This will return the same response as above, giving a new token.

This token can be added to requests in two ways: as a cookie header or a "normal" http header. If a cookie header is used, the cookie name must be docspell_auth and a custom header must be named X-Docspell-Auth.

The admin route (see below) /admin/user/resetPassword can be used to reset a password of a user.


There are some endpoints available for adminstration tasks, for example re-creating the complete fulltext index or resetting a password. These endpoints are not available to normal users, but to admins only. Docspell has no special admin users, it simply uses a secret defined in the configuration file. The person who installs docspell is the admin and knows this secret (and may share it) and requests must provide it as a http header Docspell-Admin-Secret.

Example: re-create the fulltext index (over all collectives):

$ curl -XPOST -H "Docspell-Admin-Secret: test123" http://localhost:7880/api/v1/admin/fts/reIndexAll

To enable these endpoints, you must provide a secret in the configuration.

Live Api🔗

Besides the statically generated documentation at this site, the rest server provides a swagger generated api documenation, that allows playing around with the api. It requires a running docspell rest server. If it is deployed at http://localhost:7880, then check this url:



These examples use the great command line tool curl.


$ curl -X POST -d '{"account": "smith", "password": "test"}' http://localhost:7880/api/v1/open/auth/login
,"message":"Login successful"

Get new token🔗

$ curl -XPOST -H 'X-Docspell-Auth: 1568142350115-ZWlrZS9laWtl-$2a$10$rGZUFDAVNIKh4Tj6u6tlI.-O2euwCvmBT0TlyDmIHR1ZsLQPAI=' http://localhost:7880/api/v1/sec/auth/session
,"message":"Login successful"

Get some insights🔗

$ curl -H 'X-Docspell-Auth: 1568142446077-ZWlrZS9laWtl-$2a$10$3B0teJ9rMpsBJPzHfZZPoO-WeA1bkfEONBN8fyzWE8DeaAHtUc=' http://localhost:7880/api/v1/sec/collective/insights