Docspell's documentation primarily lives on this website, but there is also valuable information contained with in the main README.md and various other READMEs in the repository.


First, please take a look at the "Documentation" portion of the README.

Please note that the documentation hosted at https://docspell.org/ is for the current version of Docspell and will not reflect any unreleased changes to the code or documentation. Given that, before proposing a documentation improvement, please check the latest version of the documentation (on the master branch) to avoid potentially duplicating effort.

Simple Changes🔗

If you would like to contribute to this documentation website, simple edits to existing pages can be made by clicking the "Edit" button at the bottom of the live website page you wish to propose changes to. Doing so will take you to GitHub where you can make your changes, commit them to a branch on your fork of the repository, and ultimately create a pull request to get them reviewed and merged into the official documentation.

Similarly, READMEs in the docspell repository can be made by opening the file on GitHub and clicking the "Edit" icon. New files can be added as well. The process is then the same as above.

Of course, if you would like to make your changes locally or make more complex changes, you can fork the repository, clone your fork, make your changes, push them to the fork, and then open a pull request.

Local Preview🔗

If you would like to also preview your local changes, you can do so as follows.

The subsequent commands assume you have already locally cloned the repository (or a fork), and have a working development environment.

# in repository root
sbt website/zolaBuild
cd website/site && zola serve

As you write changes to the website content (to disk), Zola will live-reload the site.