Download and Run🔗

You can install via zip or deb archives. Please see the prerequisites first.

Using zip files🔗

  1. Download the two files:
  1. Unzip both files:

    $ unzip docspell-*.zip
  2. Open two terminal windows and navigate to the the directory containing the zip files.

  3. Start both components executing:

    $ ./docspell-restserver*/bin/docspell-restserver

    in one terminal and

    $ ./docspell-joex*/bin/docspell-joex

    in the other.

  4. Point your browser to: http://localhost:7880/app

  5. Register a new account, sign in and try it.

Note, that this setup doesn't include watching a directory nor fulltext search. Using zip/deb files requires to take care of the prerequisites yourself.

Using deb files🔗

Please checkout this comprehensive guide for installing on a Debian system.

Packages are also provided at the release page:

The DEB packages can be installed on Debian, or Debian based Distros:

$ sudo dpkg -i docspell*.deb

Then the start scripts are in your $PATH. Run docspell-restserver or docspell-joex from a terminal window.

The packages come with a systemd unit file that will be installed to autostart the services.


Run the start script (in the corresponding bin/ directory when using the zip files):

$ ./docspell-restserver*/bin/docspell-restserver
$ ./docspell-joex*/bin/docspell-joex

This will startup both components using the default configuration. Please refer to the configuration page for how to create a custom config file. Once you have your config file, simply pass it as argument to the command:

$ ./docspell-restserver*/bin/docspell-restserver /path/to/server-config.conf
$ ./docspell-joex*/bin/docspell-joex /path/to/joex-config.conf

After starting the rest server, you can reach the web application http://localhost:7880/.

You should be able to create a new account and sign in. When creating a new account, use the same name for collective and user and then login with this name.


Since downgrading is not supported, it is recommended to backup your database before upgrading. Should something not work as expected, restore the database backup and go back to the previous version.

When using the zip or deb files, either install the new deb files via your package manager or download and unpack the new zip files. You might want to have a look at the changelog, since it is sometimes necessary to modify the config file.


Fulltext search is powered by SOLR. You need to install solr and create a core for docspell. Then cange the solr url for both components (restserver and joex) accordingly. See the relevant section in the config page.

Watching a directory🔗

The dsc tool with the watch subcommand can be used for this. Using systemd or something similar, it is possible to create a system service that runs the script in "watch mode".