The base url is an important setting that defines the http URL where the corresponding component can be reached. It applies to both components. For a joex component, the url must be resolvable from a REST server component. The REST server also uses this url to create absolute urls and to configure the authenication cookie.

By default it is build using the information from the bind setting, which is http://localhost:7880.

If the default is not changed, docspell will use the request to determine the base-url. It first inspects the X-Forwarded-For header that is often used with reverse proxies. If that is not present, the Host header of the request is used. However, if the base-url setting is changed, then only this setting is used.

docspell.server.base-url = ...
docspell.joex.base-url = ...

If you are unsure, leave it at its default.


docspell.server.base-url = "https://docspell.example.com"
docspell.joex.base-url = ""