Jan 29th, 2024

  • Add khmer language (#2011)
  • Replace blaze with ember (http stack) (#2221, #2348)
  • Updated several dependencies (#2348, #2354, 2355)
  • Fix AddonExecutionResult monoid (#2363)
  • Setting item date from addons (#2345)
  • Fix sql queries where a space was missing (#2367, #2368)
  • Change AWS region for minio file backend (#2386)
  • Allow additional metadata to be passed on upload for addons and hooks (#2334)
  • Add support for Slovak language
  • Fix possibility to configure too large session-valid values (#2309)
  • Consider emails when flattenArchives is true (#2063)
  • Allow new file upload without hitting reset (#2323)

Big thanks to:

  • @eikek
  • @madduck
  • @mprasil
  • @rehanone
  • @v6ak
  • @xshadowlegendx


Mar 11th, 2023

  • Add Ukrainian language (#1835, @GooRoo)
  • webui: normalize , to . for numeric fields
  • improve error reporting when file backend fails (#1976)
  • docker: remove exlpicit zlib install (#1863)
  • nix: replace wkhtmltopdf with weasyprint (#1873, #1895, @VTimofeenko)
  • fix listing shares with no name (#1840)
  • fix html conversion of text files (#1915)
  • fix: remove test-scoped dependencies from artifacts (#1856)
  • fix deletin users (#1941)
  • fix notification for collective scoped tasks (#1987)

Rest API changesπŸ”—

  • None

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • None


Nov 7th, 2022

  • Allow to set extracted content (#1775) You can now fix OCRed text this way.
  • Improve handling mixes of OIDC and local accounts (#1827). It is now possible to use the same account locally and via OIDC.
  • Add Estonian language (#1646)
  • Updated docker images to new alpine and openjdk, fixing #1736 (#1713) by @jberggg and @eikek
    • drops support for arm7 (#1719)
    • introduces weasyprint as an alternative to wkhtmltopdf for converting html files to pdf
  • Fix docspell's query to remove attach.count. It has been removed a while ago, but the query language didn't reflect it (#1758)
  • Fix search for linked items (#1808)
  • Fix item selection after merging (#1809)
  • Internal changes to how a collective is referenced as a preparation for #585 (#1686)
  • Update H2 to 2.1.x, incompatible to the previous used version (#1690)


The database structure changed substantially in this release. Please make sure to create a backup of your database before attempting the upgrade!

Docker UsersπŸ”—

There are two major changes for docker users: First ARM7 support has been dropped, because it was too much work to maintain alongside the other architectures. Second the images have been updated to the latest alpine linux, which requires to sacrifice using wkhtmltopdf as a tool to convert HTML to PDF (often used for processing emails).

The joex image doesn't have the wkhtmltopdf binary anymore, because it is not available for alpine linux. Instead weasyprint has been added. Docspell by default still uses wkhtmltopdf, because I found it has better results. But you can now switch to weasyprint and if you use the provided docker images you have to.

There is a new config that you need to set - when using environment variables:


Just add it to the env variables in the docker-compose.yml. If you use a config file, add this to it:

docspell.joex {
  convert.html-converter = "weasyprint"

File BackendsπŸ”—

The internal change on how collectives are now referenced requires to adopt the files accordingly. If you have your files in the database, all is being migrated automatically on first start.

For other file backends, the files must be migrated manually. The difference is that from now on a collective is referenced by a unique number and not by its name anymore. You can look at the table collective to see which number was assigned to a collective and then

  • for a filebackend, simply move the folder with a collective name to its corresponding number
  • for s3 backend the same must happen, using some s3 client (maybe this one)


If you use H2 as a database, there are some manual steps required. H2 was bumped from 1.4.x to 2.1.x and the new version cannot read the database files of the old version.

Additionally, one of the changesets for H2 used a now illegal syntax and had to be changed. This will lead to checksum mismatch errors when starting up.

Creating and restoring a dump, the script tools/h2-util.sh can be used. The H2 version can be specified with an environment variable H2_VERSION to easily create a dump in one version and restore in another.

To fix the changeset, you could simply run this sed command on the dump before restoring:

sed -i 's,175554607,-276220379,g' docspell-dump-h2.sql

But this could potentially change not only the checksum, but other things in the dump. It is not very likely, though. A more safe alternative is to use a text editor and find the correct place to change or just set database-schema.repair-schema = true in the config file or use the env variables


and startup only the restserver one time to have the checksum fixed. Another safe variant is to run this update statement on your h2 database:

UPDATE flyway_schema_history set checksum = -276220379 WHERE version = '1.9.3';

Rest API changesπŸ”—

  • Adds apis for retrieving and setting extracted text at /sec/attachment/{id}/extracted-text

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—


  • Adds auth.on-account-source-conflict to decide what to do if an account exists locally and at some OIDC provider


  • Adds a new system command for weasyprint an alternative to wkhtmltopdf
  • Adds the setting convert.html-converter to set which to use (default stays on wkhtmltopdf)


Jul 09, 2022

  • Allow to skip login page if a single OIDC provider is configured (#1640)
  • Add config to force OCR on a PDF even if text would be available (#1628)
  • Improvements for OIDC integration (#1619, #1545)
  • Improve unzipping/zipping files (#1603)
  • Fix starting a background task to install addon (#1601)
  • Add more database indexes to improve search (#1584)
  • Add paging to the share view (#1582)
  • Remove unused code (#1581)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • remove inReplyTo from item metadata, it has never been used

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—


  • Add (optional) logout-url to a open-id provider config block
  • Add oidc-auto-redirect


  • Allow values <= 0 for pdf.min-text-len to force OCR on a pdf


Jun 04, 2022

  • Fix e-mail address input field (#1565)
  • Overhaul of search when fulltext search is applied. Fixes #1363.
  • Return when a search exceeds server configured limit for page size (#1358)
  • Several fixes related to addons (#1566, 1573)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • removed searchIndex endpoint, because it is redundant

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • None.


May 22, 2022

  • Extend docspell via addons (experimental feature) (#1550)
  • Adds Lithuanian and Polish to document languages (#1540, #1345)
  • Added a quick guide for adding more languages (#942)
  • Make dashboard boxes headlines bold (#1531)
  • Improve logging config; allow to specify loggers and their level (#1535)
  • Allow for auth tokens to optionally be issued with an validity (#1533, 1534)
  • Allow to repair db migrations, necessary for rare cases like #1517

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • new endpoints for managing addons
  • new endpoint for joex to return its addon executor config

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • logging config sections allows to specfiy a map of logger names -> level pairs (joex and restserver)
  • addon config section in restserver: allows to enable/disable corresponding endpoints
  • addon config section in joex: allows to configure how to run addons


Apr 14, 2022

  • Download multiple documents as zip (#1093). The webui allows to download multiple files as a zip archive. The zip file is created at the server and cached for a while.
  • New project ds4e providing some utilises to access Docspell from Emacs.
  • Increase size for password fields in the database (#1508)
  • Hide the delete button in new notifciation channel forms (#1506)
  • Fix logging (#1468), non-errors were logged as errors.
  • Apply the migration fix from last version only from 0.32.0 onwards (#1469)
  • Fix typos in UI (#1510, @monnypython)
  • Add support for Postgres FTS in nix module (#1512, @LeSuisse)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • adds routes to create and download multiple files

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • restserver: add limits for creating zip files from search queries
  • joex: settings for new cleanup task that removes zip files that exceed some configured age


Mar 31, 2022

  • French translation (#1440): The UI is now available in French! Thanks to @jgirardet.
  • Link Items (#528): Link items together directly (without using custom fields) and see all related items quickly on the search page.
  • Import mails recursively (#1260): The scanmailbox task can now go through folders recursively. Thanks to @Moerfi666 and @seijikun.
  • Fulltext search via PostgreSQL (#424): Another backend for full-text search was added that is backed by PostgreSQL's text search feature. You can now choose between SOLR and PostgreSQL for fulltext search.
  • More file backends (#1379): Next to storing the files in the database, you can now choose to store them in a S3 compatible storage or use the filesystem directly.
  • Flat zip upload (#1366): An option has been added to the upload metadata that will unpack zip files and process each entry separately (instead of treating a zip file as a single item).
  • Fix to upload large files (#1339): Uploaded files are not loaded entirely into memory allowing to upload large files.
  • Fix previously published db migration (#1454, #1436): Unfortunately, there was an db migration in the last release that caused problems on some installations. A fix for this migration has been added.
  • Fix build to run on windows (#1449, #1461): Building docspell on windows has been improved by @arittner.

For some of the new features, you need the new version of dsc.

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • adds routes to clone file repositories and the integrity check
  • adds routes to support linking items
  • ScanMailboxSettings has a new flag scanRecursively
  • ItemDetail and ItemLight contain a new field to transport related/linked items
  • ItemUploadMeta has a new flag to specify whether zip files should be treated as a container only, and be "flattened" into the list of uploaded files

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • rest server only: added options to tune the http server
  • joex only: adds a file integrity check to the regular house keeping tasks
  • configuration for postgresql based full-text search
  • extend files config adding the different storage backends for files


Mar 6, 2022

  • Refactor file identifiers, as preparation for different file storage backends (#1380)
    • PLEASE NOTE this release contains a DB migration that changes all file identifiers in the database. It is really very much recommended to do a backup of the database before updating!
  • Allow background tasks to return results that are published via events (#1362)
    • the task for processing files returns now data (item id, name, extracted text, tags etc) that is included in the JobDone event data
  • Users can specify a time zone in user settings (#1062)
    • the time zone is used when formatting dates in the web ui
    • the time zone is used for calendar events of periodic tasks; you need to save each periodic task again in order to pass a different timezone
    • should you have calendar events in the config file, you can add a time zone at the end
    • if not specified, it will default to UTC as before
  • Improve item selection (#1422)
    • selecting items was possible before, but only ephemeral in the list view
    • it is now stored globally and kept until you explicitely clear the selection
    • items can be selected in detail view and the search menu shows an entry to quickly see all items currently selected
    • makes it easier to select a bunch of documents for sharing/bookmarking etc
  • Change logging format and backend
    • The logging format has changed again from logfmt to the "classic" one
    • the configuration allows to use logfmt, json or two "classic" formats
    • logback has been removed! If you used a custom logback.xml before, I'm sorry this is not possible anymore. There are two settings in the config file for now to control logging: logging.minimum-level and logging.format.
  • Pdf preview not updated (#1210)
    • some browsers (e.g. safari and some mobile browsers) don't update the ui when the src attribute of the embed element changes
    • for the "fallback view", an iframe is now used - thus for mobile it should work now. Safari on desktop would require to change the respective setting
  • Several ui improvements
    • More cards per row for large screens (#1401)
    • more space below direction dropdown (#1400)
    • fix input field save-while-typing (#1340, #1299)
    • improves detail view on small screens (#1420)
    • sort tags by group and then name (#1396)
    • fix bug presenting an empty tag category in search menu (#1402)
    • wrap long text in dashboard tables (#1357)
    • typo fixes (#1387, #1433)
  • Remove tools package from release (#1421)
    • the tools package doesn't contain general useful stuff anymore and is thus removed from the release packaging. The code is still there, and can be packaged manually

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—


Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • add logging.format and logging.minimum-level
  • change default values for calendar events to explicitely show that they are in UTC (the value itself is not changed)


Feb 06, 2022

  • Dashboards: There is a new starting page showing a dashboard. Dashboards can be customized (#1294)
  • UI-settings can be specified per collective and then be overriden by user settings (#838)
  • Managing notifications channels: Instead of giving channel data with each notification hook, they can now be managed separately. This is more convenient, because they can be reused for different notification hooks and periodic queries. Notifications can be associated to multiple channels. (#1293)
    • Please note that some (small) manual effort is recommended when upgrading: The channel data from all your current notifications is copied into a separate data set. This can create duplicates if you had notifications with equal channel data. In order to remove these duplicates, first change all notifications to a known channel and afterwards you can delete the obsolete ones.
  • Replace bundled pdf viewer with pdfjs default viewer. (#1304)
  • Fixes the query used in a periodic query, that had returned trashed items (#1323)
  • Fixes UI bugs where some data was not initialized in the view (#1324)
  • Fix sorting tags in search menu (#1318)
  • Reworked website using tailwindcss


Jan 16, 2022

  • Bookmark queries and use it in searches. (#1175) Also the periodic query form is updated to allow using a bookmarks.
  • Customize message for periodic queries (#1258). You can now add your own sentence to the beginning of the message notifying you for a list of items.
  • Allow to configure a priority for Gotify notifications (#1277)
  • Improve handling tags (#960). When choosing a tag by the dropdown the catgory is shown next to a tag and the options can be constrainted by clicking a category bubble.
  • Fix timezone in docker image (#1234)
  • Fix adding high-dpi images that would cause an out-of-memory error when generating previews (#1183).
  • Fix tearing down and initializing pubsub table to allow changing app ids (#1251)
  • Fix switching between tile and list view when "full width" preview is enabled (#1261)
  • Disable "group by month" if there are no groups (#1255)
  • Fix deleting periodic queries (button was not working) (#1257)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • new routes for managing bookmarks
  • added routes for client settings to be separated between user and collective, the previous endpoint now returns a merged json
  • add a priority value to gotify settings
  • add bookmark value to periodic query settings

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—



Dec 22, 2021

Bug fix release for #1229: notification mails could not be sent.


Dec 21, 2021

  • Add a list view for items, allowing to toggle between tile and list view (#526)
  • Generic notification system: It is a start. A few events are available with the idea to add more when needed. Get notified about certain events via gotify, matrix or e-mail. A generic periodic query has been added (in addition to the notify-due-items task). (#848, #1174)
  • Update stanford-corenlp and add Spanish to the supported language set for NLP and Hungarian to the standard set of languages.
  • Fix to update job execution count when a job is canceled (#1182)
  • Change the log format to logfmt and remove all ansi color sequences

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • added new routes to manage notification channels and hooks
  • added new routes for the generic periodic query task

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—



Nov 18, 2021

  • Show number of waiting jobs in the top bar (#1069). This introduces some changes under the hood, for example: while previously the restserver was notifying job executors about new jobs, it will now also receive messages from the job executors. This requires a new setting (see below).
  • Hide sidebar by default on mobile (#1169)
  • Improve scanmailbox form (#1147)
  • Improve input of an e-mail address (#987)
  • Fix e-mail import for certain files (#1140)
  • Fix uploading files with non-ascii filenames (#991)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—


Configuration ChangesπŸ”—


  • the restserver has a new setting internal-url which must be set to the base url of the server such that other nodes (i.e. joex nodes) can reach it. It is by default set to http://localhost:7880. If you are using docker: the docker-compose.yml in this repository has been updated. You can copy&paste the new env variable DOCSPELL_SERVER_INTERNAL__URL=http://docspell-restserver:7880 into your docker-compose.yml or add it to your config file.


Oct 27, 2021

  • Share items (#446). Allows to create shares, public cryptic links, to a subset of your documents that can be shared with other people (who don't need an account). It is possible to search inside the shared subset. Shares have a lifetime and can be password protected.
  • Support encrypted PDFs (#1074). When importing PDF files, the protection layer (usually for signed PDFs) is being removed in order to process it. The config file and collective settings can now define a list of passwords that are being used when trying to decrypt encrypted PDFs.
  • Use environment variables to configure Docspell instead of a config file (#1121). This is mainly intended when running via docker or other similar tools. Note that settings that accept list as its values are not yet supported.
  • Try to detect the best way to render PDFs (#1099). Mobile browsers need a fallback for rendering PDFs, but desktop browsers can do it much better natively. The user settings allow to decide how to render a PDF or to let docspell detect it.
  • Filter possible values in search menu based on current results (#856). This removes options that would only yield empty results from the dropdowns.
  • Fix search in documenation (#1120)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • /share/* routes to access a share
  • /open/share/verify routes to verify a share id
  • /sec/share/* routes to manage shares
  • extend SearchStats to include correspondents/concerning numbers

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • restserver: changed the server secret from the (dummy) value hex:caffee to an empty string. This results in a random secret generated at application start. It is recommended to set it to some random value, otherwise sessions don't survive server restarts.
  • joex: adds a section decrypt-pdf for specifying a list of passwords to try when encountering encrypted PDFs


Sep 23, 2021

  • Allow external authentication providers via OpenID Connect. Now you can integrate Docspell into your SSO solution. Using keycloak, for example (or other such tools) users can be maintained elsewhere, like in an LDAP directory. (#489)
  • Adds two-factor authentication using TOTPs. If you don't want to setup an external authentication provider (which is another tool to maintain), you can use the builtin TOTP support to have two-factor authentication. (#762)
  • Improvements when querying documents (#1040)
  • Changed the underlying code for storing and loading files. This is a preparation to allow different storage backends for files in the future (maybe the filesystem or s3). (#1080)
  • The license has changed from GPLv3+ to AGPLv3+ (#1078)
  • Fixes a bug in the "check for updates" task that was added in the last release (#1068)
  • Reduces the length of the startup command, which makes tools like ps much more readable and allows now to start docspell on Windows (untested, though ;-)) (#1062)
  • Fixes merging items, where sent mails were not copied to the target item. (#1055)
  • Fixes and improves deleting users. Now all their data is also removed and it is shown what that would be. (#1060)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • The login routes now won't return a session token when 2FA is enabled for an account. The returned token must be used to provide the TOTP in order to finalize login.
  • Added open/auth/two-factor endpoint to provide the TOTP for login
  • Added open/auth/openid/{providerId}[/resume] endpoints to initiate authentication via an external provider
  • Added sec/user/{username}/deleteData to retrieve a summary of data that would be deleted with that user
  • Added sec/user/otp/* endpoints to manage the TOTP for an account
  • Added admin/user/otp/reserOTP to reset the 2FA setup for any user

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • Restserver: Added a section to configure external authentication provider


Aug 28, 2021

  • Add ability to merge items (#414). You can now select multiple items and merge them all into one. The first item in the list is the target item, all others are deleted after a successful merge. The webapp allows to reorder this list, of course.
  • Add option to only import attachments of e-mails (#983).
  • Improve Manage Data page by sorting the tables (#965, #538)
  • Allow wildcard searches in queries using attach.id (#971). Before you would have to specify the complete id. This is inconvenient when using from the command line client.
  • Add Hebrew to the document languages (#1027, thans @wallace11). Please note, that the SOLR support is very basic for this language.
  • Add a periodic task to check for Docspell updates (#990). Let's you check periodically for new versions of docspell. It uses an existing user account and its mail settings to send an e-mail.
  • Show the link to an item and its attachments as a QR code in item details (#836). This might be useful when you want to attach this link to physical devices.
  • The search menu highlights the sections that contain active filters (#966)
  • Safe deletion of items (#347). When deleting items, they are now marked as deleted and can therefore be restored. A periodic job will really delete them from the database eventually.
  • Improves German translation (#985, thanks @monnypython)
  • The dsc tool has also been improved, thanks to @seijikun.
  • Upgrade the website to work with newer zola versions (#847)
  • Remove the scripts in tools/ since these are now obsolete. The new command line interface covers these features now. Note that the docker images are also NOT built anymore. The directory still exits and is still a place for scripts and little tooling around docspell.
  • Fixes a regression where the browser would not display the pdf (#975)
  • Fixes the health checks in the docker setup (#976)
  • Fixes an issue with text extraction for Japanese documents where numbers were extracted as special unicode points (#973). This only affects the docker setup, when not using the docker images you need to setup tesseract to use different training data for Japanese.

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

Complete diff (need to click the Files changed tab)

  • The routes to fetch a list of tags, organizations, persons, fields etc can now optionally take a sort query parameter to specify how to order the list.
  • Added /sec/collective/emptytrash/startonce to run the task to empty the trash immediately
  • The search endpoints can now take an optional parameter searchMode that defines whether to search in trashed items or not
  • Deleting an item via the api now only changes its state to Trashed
  • Added /sec/item/{id}/restore to restore a trashed item (unless it has been deleted from the database).
  • Added /sec/items/restoreAll to restore multiple of trashed items
  • Added /sec/items/merge that accepts a POST request with a list of items to merge. The first item is the "target" item. All other items are deleted after the merge was successful.
  • The ScanMailboxSettings, Source and ItemUploadMeta structures now contains a boolean field attachmentsOnly
  • ItemInsights structure now contains a counter for trashed items
  • CollectiveSettings structure now has a section to specify settings for periodically deleting trashed items.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • Joex: A new section for configuring the update task has been added. See section update-check in the default config file.


Jul 29, 2021

  • Fix solr fulltext search by adding the new japanese content field

The SOLR fulltext search is broken in 0.25.0, so this is a fixup release.


Jul 29, 2021

  • Introducing a new CLI tool (#345) that replaces all the shell scripts from the tools/ directory! https://github.com/docspell/dsc
  • UI changes:
    • year separators are now more prominent (#950)
    • fixes a bug in the item counter in detail view when an item is deleted (#920)
    • German translation improvements (#901)
    • The number of selected files is shown in upload page (#896)
  • The created date of an item can now be used in queries (#925, #958)
  • Setting tags api has been improved (#955)
  • Task for converting pdfs is now behind the admin secret (#949)
  • Task for generating preview images is now behind the admin secret (#915)
  • respond with 404 when the source-id is not correct (#931)
  • Update of core libraries (#890)
  • Add Japanese to the list of document languages. Thanks @wallace11 for helping out (#948, #962)
  • Fix setting the folder from metadata when processing a file and allow to specifiy it by name or id (#940)
  • Fixes docspell config file in docker-compose setup (#909)
  • Fixes selecting the next job in the job executor (#898)
  • Fixes a bug that prevents uploading more than one file at once (#938)

Rest API ChangesπŸ”—

  • Removed sec/item/convertallpdfs endpoint in favor for new admin/attachments/convertallpdfs endpoint which is now an admin task
  • Removed sec/collective/previews endpoint, in favor for new admin/attachments/generatePreviews endpoint which is now an admin task to generate previews for all files. The now removed enpoint did this only for one collective.
  • /sec/item/{id}/tags: Setting tags to an item (replacing existing tags) has been changed to allow tags to be specified as names or ids
  • /sec/item/{id}/tagsremove: Added a route to remove tags for a single item

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—



Jun 18, 2021

This time a translation of the Web-UI in German is included and the docker build was overhauled. The releases are now build and tested using Java 11.

  • Rework Docker setup. Images are now provided for different architectures and have a new home now (see below). The images are now built via a github-action from the official packages of each release. (#635, #643, #840, #687)
  • Translation of the UI into German (thanks to @monnypython for proof reading and applying lots of corrections!) (#292, #683, #870)
  • Improve migration of SOLR (#604)
    • The information whether solr has been setup, is now stored inside SOLR. This means when upgrading Docspell, all data will be re-indexed.
  • Add --exclude and --include options to the consumedir.sh script (#885)
  • Improved documenation of the http api (#874)
  • Removed unused libraries in the final packages to reduce file size a bit (#841)
  • Bug: Searching by tag category was broken when using upper case letters (#849)
  • Bug: when adding a boolean custom field, it must be applied immediatly (#842)
  • Bug: when entering a space in a dropdown the menu closes (#863)
  • Bug: Some scripts didn't work with earlier versions of jq (#851)
  • Bug: The source form was broken in that it didn't load the language correctly (#877)
  • Bug: Tag category options were wrongly populated when narrowing tags via a search (#880)

Breaking ChangesπŸ”—

Java 11πŸ”—

Not really a breaking change. Docspell is now build and tested using Java 11. Docspell has a small amount of Java source code. This is compiled using Java 11 but to target Java 8 JVMs. So it still can run under Java 8. However, it is recommended to use at least Java 11 to run Docspell.

Docker ImagesπŸ”—

The docker images are now pushed to the docspell organization at docker-hub! So the images are now:

  • docspell/restserver
  • docspell/joex
  • docspell/tools

Tags: images are tagged with two floating tags: nightly and latest. The nightly tag always points to the latest development state (the master branch). The latest tag points to the latest release. Each release is also tagged with its version number, like v0.24.0.

The images changed slightly in that there is no assumption on where the config file is placed. Now you need to pass the docspell config file explicitely when using the images.

Multiarch: Images are now build for amd64, arm64 and armv7.

The consumedir is being replaced by the more generic docspell/tools image which contains all the scripts from the tools/ section. That means it has no special entrypoint for the consumedir script anymore. The polling functionality is now provided by the consumedir script. And the docker-compose file needs now to specify the complete command arguments. This makes it much more flexible to use.

This allows to use this image to run all the other tool scripts, too. The scripts are in PATH inside the image and prefixed by ds-, so for example ds-consumedir or ds-export-files etc.

Docker ComposeπŸ”—

The docker-compose setup is now at docker/docker-compose. Please look at the new compose file and do the corresponding changes at yours. Especially the consumedir container changed significantly. Then due to the fact that the config file must be given explicitely, you need to add this argument to each docspell component (restserver and joex) via a command section (see the compose file referenced above).

The .envrc has been cleaned from some settings. Since the config files is mounted into the image, you can just edit this file instead. The only settings left in the .envrc file are those that need to be available in the docker-compose file and the application. If some settings need to be duplicated for joex and restserver, you can use the builtin variable resolution mechanism for this. An example is provided in the new config file.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—


Rest API ChangesπŸ”—



May 29, 2021

This release enables deleting multiple files at once of an item. It also changes how user settings are stored. Additionally several bugs in the ui and server have been fixed.

  • Feature: Central user settings (#565): user settings have been stored in the browser but are now stored at the server. This means that all settings are now shared across all devices. See below for notes on migrating your current settings.
  • Feature: Delete multiple attachemnts at once, thanks to @stefan-scheidewig (#626): multiple attachments on an item can be deleted with a single click
  • Feature: Make consumedir-cleaner run on windows, thanks to @JaCoB1123 (#809)
  • Bug: More work externalizing strings (#784, #760): many more strings have been externalized for being translated; also dates are now externalized, too
  • Bug: Better anonymous upload page (#758): the upload page for anonymous users shouldn't show a form to provide any metadata
  • Bug: Tag category color (#835): the input field to specify colors for tag categories didn't show the category name
  • Bug: Search in names (#822): a bug in the webui sent a broken query to the server, making the "search in names" field unusable
  • Bug: Fulltext only search broken (#823): the fulltext only search didn't only consult the solr index, but also the database, making it a lot slower and presenting the results not in the order returned by solr.
  • Bug: Ui switches to logged in state on auth failure (#814)
  • Bug: Broken search summary when tag has no category (#759)

Migrating UI SettingsπŸ”—

After the upgrade to this version, your current ui settings are not read anymore. That means docspell starts up with a light theme and tag colors are gone etc. If there are no settings at the server, but docspell finds some at your browser, the UI Settings page shows a big message and a button. Clicking this button sends your settings to the server. This message disappears as soon as there are some settings on the server.

If you have multiple devices, you now need to choose one which settings you want to migrate to the server. It is currently not possible to store settings per device.

Note: the button is only there if there are no settings at the server. So if you want to migrate, don't set the theme or click on other things that are persisted before doing the migration!

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • new routes have been added to delete multiple attachments of an item
  • new routes have been added to manage client settings

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • none


Apr 11, 2021

This release fixes some annoying bugs and prepares the web-ui to be translated into other languages. For actual translating them, I ask for your help. There is a detailed post about how to start with it in the docs.

  • Refactor webui to prepare for localisation (#726)
  • Add names to user defined tasks for better documentation (#712)
  • Fixes some ui bugs:
    • scrollbar position (#722)
    • other minor ui related fixes (#746)
  • Removed deprecated api endpoints, fixing #482
  • Fixes bug where items are already shown in the ui, although still in processing (#719)
  • Switch to github actions for ci (#748)
  • Fixes a bug in the new query language (#754)
  • Fix counters for categories in the search menu (#755)

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • remove deprecated endpoints: sec/item/searchForm, sec/item/searchFormWithTags, sec/item/searchFormStats
  • adds category-count data to SearchSummary

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • none


Mar 13, 2021

The main feature of this release gives a very flexible way of searching for documents, using a query.

  • Add a query language to provide a flexible way for searching
    • the search form now is translated into a search query
    • allows to search for items not in a folder or not in a specific folder (#628, #379)
    • Allows for range searches in custom fields (#540)
    • And more! See the documentation
  • Add a use attribute to all metadata, to be able to exclude them from suggestions (#659)
  • Allow to submit items for reprocessing via the UI (#365)
  • Add Latvian language (#679)
  • Scrollbars are back! (#681, #677)
  • The ds.sh script was changed to inform the processing jobs to also check for duplicates (#653)
  • Docker setup now uses again a fixed hostname (#608)
  • Moving the unit tests to MUnit (#672)
  • Remove the old UI code (#636)
  • Fix date extraction for English (#665)
  • Fix bug when reading contacts from extracted text (#709)
  • Fix bugs when reading mails (#691, #678)
  • Fix a bug that wouldn't show an error message when entering bad characters in the register form (#663)
  • Fixes a typo in the user settings menu (#654, thanks @ChristianKlass)

Thanks to everyone showing interest in docspell and dedicating time by opening issues, testing and providing ideas!

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

Note there are breaking changes in the REST Api

  • previous search and searchWithTags has been renamed to searchForm and searchFormWithTags, respectively
  • same with searchStats, it has been renamed to searchFormStats
  • The new search route can be used with GET and POST requests and accepts now a search query and also a flag for whether returning details or not (there are no separate endpoints anymore)
  • The new searchStats accepts a query
  • The ItemQuery data structure is now only a query string, without limit and offset
  • Organization and Person have an additional use attribute

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

There were no changes to the configuration files.


Feb 19, 2021

This release comes with a completely new ui based on tailwindcss, including a dark theme! Additionally there are some other minor features and bug fixes.

  • New Web-UI with light and dark theme (#293).
    • All markup and css was reworked. For this release, the old ui is still available as a fallback if something got missing while porting. The old ui will be removed in the next release.
    • Experience on mobile devices is greatly improved
    • to get back to the old ui, you need to install a browser extension to be able to add a request header. Check this for firefox or this for chromium
    • then add the request header Docspell-Ui with value 1. Reloading the page gets you back the old ui.
  • With new Web-UI, certain features and fixes were realized, but not backported to the old ui:
    • foldable sections in search and multi-edit menu (#613, #527)
    • show current item in detail view (#369)
    • fixed some ui issues regarding processing logs (#363)
    • scrollbar fix (#600)
  • Allow a person to be correspondent, concerning or both (#605)
  • Add a short-name field to the organization (#560)
  • Add a description field to the equipment (#633)
  • Allow to specify a language for a source url (#651). This can be used to define upload urls per document language.
  • Trim whitespace for certain fields (#539)
  • A different docker entrypoint for the consumedir script was added that supports polling (thanks @JaCoB1123, #603, #624)
  • Fix duplicate suggestions (#627)
  • Fix reading mails with empty headers (#606)
  • Fix suggesting person that doesn't belong to the suggested organization (#625)
  • Cleanup registered nodes periodically (#618)

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • The Person structure was changed: the concerning boolean flag is replaced by a use attribute
  • The Equipment structure has an additional notes attribute
  • The Source structure has an additional language attribute

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • joex:
    • additional section in house-keeping to configure the periodic node cleanup task


Jan 25, 2021

This release comes with major improvements to the text analysis module. It is now much more configurable, has improved results and can learn tags from all categories. Additionally, more languages for document processing have been added and it's now easier to add more. Please open an issue if want more languages to be included.

  • text analysis improvements (#263, #570)
    • docspell can now learn from all your tag categories
    • the detection for correspondents/concerned entities has been improved by using the classifier for this, too
    • all text analysis steps are now configurable that makes it possible to adapt it better to your data and machine.
    • The docs have been updated with some details here and here.
  • more languages (#488)
    • Adds: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Romanian
    • languages have different support for text-analysis, but there is some basic support for all
    • there is extended support for English, German and French through Stanford CoreNLP nlp models (as before)
  • scan mailbox change (#576)
    • The change from last version (#551) has been moved behind a flag in the "scan mailbox settings". Please review your scan mailbox tasks in your user settings.
    • The scan mailbox settings form view has been organized into tabs, as it grew too large for a single form.
  • nix tools package fixed (#584)
    • If you are using docspell tools package for nix, it has now been fixed in that all scripts are available. They are now all prefixed by ds- (except the ds script)
  • fix deleting organization (#578)
    • Due to the new relationship of a person to an organization, deleting an organization whith references a person was not possible. This is now fixed.
  • base url fix (#579)
    • The baseurl setting is optional, but when specified it was required to omit a trailing slash. This is now fixed in that it is always rendered without the trailing slash to the client, no matter what is in the config
  • tag category case sensitive search fix (#568)
    • This was a bug introduced by the last release. When tag categories can now be spelled upper- or lower-case. In 0.18.0 you had to spell them lowercase, otherwise the search doesn't work.
  • adds a workaround for mails that don't specify their used charset (#591)

Breaking ChangesπŸ”—

  • The joex configuration changed around text analysis. If you had some custom settings there, please review these wrt the new default config.
  • When using the nix package manager: the tools package renamed the scripts to be better distinguishable, since they all end up in $PATH. They are now prefixed by ds-.
  • The path of the consumedir script changed in the consumedir docker image
  • The settings of the scan-mailbox task has been extended by another flag. It controls when to apply the post-processing (moving or deleting). If you were relying that all mails (even those excluded by a subject filter) where moved away, you need to check your scan-mailbox task settings.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • the data structure for ClassifierSettings changed to allow specfiying a blacklist or whitelist of tag categories and the enabled flag has been removed.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • joex
    • the config regarding text analysis changed, there are new config options, like nlp.mode and the max-due-date-years has been moved inside text-anlysis. Please have a look at the new default config if you changed something there.
    • The regex-ner section has changed: the enabled flag has been removed, you can now limit the number of entries using max-entries to apply and 0 means to disable it.


Jan 11, 2021

  • Feature: Results summary and updated tag count (#496, #333)
    • A search summary can be displayed that shows the overall result count and to each custom field with a numeric type (number or money) small statistics like sum, average and max/min values. This is useful when you track your expenses on invoices or receipts.
    • This additional ui element can be enabled/disabled in your ui settings.
    • The result summary is now also used to update the tag counts in the search menu according to the current results.
  • Feature: password reset (#376, docs)
    • Adds a new route for admins to reset the password of a user
    • Admin users are those with access to the config file, the endpoint requires to supply a secret from the config file.
    • A bash script is provided for more convenient access.
    • Note this also moves the re-create index endpoint behind the same secret! See below.
  • Feature: custom fields clickable (#514)
    • The item detail view allows to click on tags to quickly find all tagged items. This now works for custom fields, too.
  • Feature: scroll independently (#541)
    • The search menu can scroll now independent from the main area containing the item cards.
  • Improvement: improve attachment selection (#396)
    • When selecting an attachment, it shows its preview to the name instead of the name only
  • Improvement: wildcard search for custom date fields (#550)
    • Searching for custom field values allows to use a wildcard * at beginning or end. This is also enabled for date-fields.
  • Improvement: joex memory (#509)
    • Joex currently requires a lot of memory to hold the NLP models. After idling for some time, which can be configured and defaults to 15 min, the NLP model cache is cleared. This reduces memory load and makes it possible for the JVM to give it back to the OS.
    • This is supposed to relieve memory consumption when idling only. However, whether it is reclaimed by the OS depends on the JVM and its settings. To observe it early, use the G1GC garbage collector. This is enabled by default for JDK11. So it is recommended to use JDK11 (which is used in the docker images).
  • Improvement: allow scaling joex with docker-compose, thanks @bjeanes (#552)
    • This allows to easily start multiple joex containers via docker-compose
  • Improvement: allow to connect with gmail via app specific passwords (#520)
    • Imap settings have been extended to be able to specify if a OAuth2 should be used or not.
    • Before, OAuth2 was the default when the server has advertised it. This has been changed now, which means you need to adapt your IMAP settings if you currently use OAuth2
  • Fix: provide multiple possible date suggestions for English documents (#561)
  • Fix: add missing language files to joex docker image (#525)
  • Fix: fix a bug that occurs when processing is restarted (i.e. after a crash) (#530)
  • Fix: fix a bug in the ui where the mail connection field was not correctly updated (#524)
  • Fix: fix bug when importing mails with an applied filter (#551)

Breaking ChangesπŸ”—

  • Rest Server config:
    • If you specify the fulltext-search.recreate-key, you need to change your config. Delete it and use the secret now for the new setting admin-endpoint.secret.
  • routes
    • The route to drop and recreate the fulltext search index has been moved. It is now at /admin/fts/reIndexAll. The secret must now provided as http header and not in the url.
  • collective settings:
    • The imap settings have a new flag which indicates whether OAuth2 auth mechanism should be prefered. This is false by default. If you have used it with OAuth2 (like with gmail) you need either set this flag to true manually or use an application specific password.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Rest Server:
    • Move endpoint /open/fts/reIndexAll/{id} to /admin/fts/reIndexAll. The secret must now be specified via an http header Docspell-Admin-Secret.
    • Add /admin/user/resetPassword which requires a http header Docspell-Admin-Secret with a value from the config file.
    • Add /sec/item/searchStats to return a search result summary
    • Changes ImapSettings to include a useOAuth flag
    • Remove fileCount from the TagCloud structure
    • The return value for /sec/item/searchStats now contains all tags, before tags with count == 0 were excluded

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • Rest Server:
    • adds admin-endpoint.secret (without any value) that is the secret for the new "admin endpoint"
    • Removes full-text-search.recreate-key, the route that was using this key is now moved in the admin endpoint and therefore shares this secret now.
  • Joex:
    • adds clear-stanford-nlp-interval = "15 minutes" which is the joex idle time to clear the nlp cache
    • The default pool-size is set to 1. You can increase it on stronger machines.


Dec 15, 2020

An unfortunate bug has made it into the previous release that makes the webapp near unusable. Therefore this release, containing only the fix for #508.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Dec 14, 2020

This release comes with some smaller features:

  • Feature: Remember-Me – another cookie is used to provide a remember-me functionality. The cookie is checked against some value in the database, so an admin can always make all remember-me cookies invalid. (#435)
  • Feature: Link persons to organizations. In the address book, a person can now be associated to an organzition. The dropdowns show a little hint for which organization a person belongs to. Also suggestions for persons are restricted to those of the organization if that has been associated before. (#375)
  • Feature: Allow to filter on source names. The search form can now search by a source name. The new field can be hidden via ui settings (it must be activated for exising users). (#390)
  • Feature: Customize the title and subtitle of the item card in the overview. You can now define patterns for the title and subtitle of a card. (#429)
  • Feature: Export your data. A bash script has been added that goes through your items and downloads them all to disk (including their metadata!). This can be used to periodically backup the data in docspell.
  • Improvement: The webui has been improved in that the search bar and search form are unified regarding the text search. The two fields in the form, allowing to search in names and fulltext, have been combined into a single field just as the search bar. (#497)

This is the last release for 2020. I had hoped to put more into this, but this time of the year is always a busy one ;-). I want to thank you for your support and interest in this project and I wish you all a joyful Christmas time!

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • The Person structure now takes a reference to the organization.
  • ItemSearch is extended with the source field.
  • UserPass is extended to include a rememberMe flag

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • Restserver:
    • a remember-me section was added to the auth section
  • Joex:
    • a cleanup-remember-me section was added to the house-keeping tasks.


Nov 28, 2020

This release brings the "custom metadata fields" feature. It allows you to define custom fields and associate values to your items. Additionally there are some ui and other fixes and improvements.

  • Feature: Custom Fields – define custom metadata fields an set values for them on your items. For example, this can be used to track invoice numbers, pagination stamps etc. Fields can be defined per collective and carry a format (or type). (#41)
  • Feature: The language has been added to the metadata of an upload request and therefore overrides the collective's default language. This means you can now set the document language with each document. (#350)
  • Feature: Show the currently logged in user and the collective in the web app. (#329)
  • Feature: Tag categories are presented as a dropdown, where you can choose an existing one or type a new one. (#331)
  • Feature: The dropdown fields for a person have been changed in that the options are now restricted to the corresponding scope: the correspondent person only shows persons not marked as concerning and vice-versa. (#332)
  • Feature: Add CC and BCC recipients to item mail (#481)
  • The consumedir.sh scripts was improved:
    • log a warning for all subfolders that currently wouldn't work due to configuration problems
    • ignore hidden files on linux (starting with a dot .)
    • include the parameter skipDuplicates into the upload request when the -m option is present
  • Fixes a bug that prevented detecting dates in january (#480, thanks @vanto!)
  • Fixes updating search view after changes like deleting item in multi-edit mode or updating tags via drag-and-drop.

The list of issues is here.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • ItemSearch is extended to allow searching for custom field values
  • /sec/item/{id}/customfield route to set values for custom fields
  • /sec/item/{id}/customfield/{fieldId} route to delete values for custom fields on an item
  • /sec/items/customfield, /sec/items/customfieldremove routes to set/remove custom field values for multiple items
  • /sec/customfield routes to manage custom fields
  • A lanugage field has been added to ItemUploadMeta and ScanMailboxSettings
  • Added cc and bcc fields to SimpleMail

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—



Nov 15, 2020

This release adds the "preview feature", where a thumbnail of the first page of each attachment can be shown in the overview. Additional there are some bugfixes and UI improvements.

  • Feature: create a thumbnail of every file. The scale factor can be configured in the config file. The user can choose in the ui, what size to display and whether to display it or not. (#327)
  • Feature: Display the number of pages in the overview (#325)
  • Feature: Extend the upload request to allow to specify a file filter and a list of tags (#346, #385):
    • file filter: this is a glob that selects files when an archive file (a zip or e-mail file) is uploaded
    • tag list: allows to specify a list of tags that are automatically set on the item that is being created
    • these two settings are added to the scan-mailbox form and the source-form
  • Feature: Filter mails to import by subject (#384)
  • Feature: Add quick links to item-detail and overview to jump to a specific search view; e.g. click on correspondent takes you to the overview with this correspondent selected in the search menu (#355)
  • Improved css assets (#349)
    • Moved from Semantic-UI to Fomantic-UI, which is an actively maintained fork of the former
    • Removed the request to obtain a google font. Now you can use docspell without hassle in environments without internet connection
    • jquery could be dropped as a js dependency
    • This is a foundation for adding/changing themes eventually.
  • Improved ui for multi select mode when selecting items
  • Fix a bug when creating new scan-mailbox settings (#382)
  • Fix a build issue that resulted in missing scripts in the tools zip file.
  • Fix a bug that added the .pdf extension twice. The filename can now be defined in the config file. (#397)

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • New endpoints for getting/re-generating preview images:
    • sec/item/{id}/preview
    • sec/attachment/{id}/preview
    • sec/collective/previews to re-generate all previews of a collective
  • Changes in data structures:
    • ScanMailboxSettings adds a list of tags, a file- and subject filter
    • ItemUploadMeta adds a list of tags and a file filter
    • SourceList now contains the Source and its associated Tags
    • Source has an additional file filter
    • new SourceTagIn structure to use when updating/adding sources
    • Renamed concEquip to concEquipment in ItemLight
    • ItemLight has an additional attachments list containing basic infos about the associated attachments

Configuration ChangeπŸ”—

  • Joex: ….extraction.preview.dpi to specify the dpi to use when creating the thumbnail. Higher value results in better quality images, but also larger ones
  • Joex: ….convert.converted-filename-part to specify the part that is used for the pdf-converted file


Nov 1st, 2020

This release contains many bug fixes, thank you all so much for helping out! There is also a new feature and some more scripts in tools.

  • Edit/delete multiple items at once (#253, #412)
  • Show/hide side menus via ui settings (#351)
  • Adds two more scripts to the tools/ section (thanks to @totti4ever):
    • one script to import data from paperless (#358, #359), and
    • a script to check clean a directory from files that are already in docspell (#403)
  • Extend docker image to use newest ocrmypdf version (#393, thanks @totti4ever)
  • Fix bug that would stop processing when pdf conversion fails (#392, #387)
  • Fix bug to have a separate, configurable source identifier for the integration upload endpoint (#389)
  • Fixes ui bug to not highlight the last viewed item when searching again. (#373)
  • Fixes bug when saving multiple changes to the ui settings (#368)
  • Fixes uniqueness check for equipments (#370)
  • Fixes a bug when doing document classification where user input was not correctly escaped for regexes (#356)
  • Fixes debian packages to have both (joex + restserver) the same user to make H2 work (#336)
  • Fixes a bug when searching with multiple tags using MariaDB (#404)

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Routes for managing multiple items:
    • /sec/items/deleteAll
    • /sec/items/tags
    • /sec/items/tagsremove
    • /sec/items/name
    • /sec/items/folder
    • /sec/items/direction
    • /sec/items/date
    • /sec/items/duedate
    • /sec/items/corrOrg
    • /sec/items/corrPerson
    • /sec/items/concPerson
    • /sec/items/concEquipment
    • /sec/items/confirm
    • /sec/items/unconfirm
    • /sec/items/reprocess
  • Adds another parameter to ItemSearch structure to enable searching in a subset of items giving their ids.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • new setting ….integration-endpoint.source-name to define the source name for files uploaded through this endpoint


Oct 19, 2020

This release contains bugfixes.

  • Improvements to the docker setup: application can be build from any version. Thanks to @totti4ever.
    • This change required breaking changes in the docker-compose.yml file. Please update your docker-compose.yml to the new version.
    • The image tags changed:
      • the -latest is now upper case, -LATEST
      • tagged releases include the version prefixed with a v, like in -v0.13.0
      • there are new -SNAPSHOT images that are build from the current master branch. Please note that snapshot versions may not be compatible with each other!
  • The date extraction tried to create invalid dates (#298)
  • Fixed order of job log entries that was undefined if entries were written very fast
  • Fix content column for MariaDB (#297)
  • Fixe regarding retrying processing of files: attached files were not correctly found and the duplicate check must not run
  • When "home-page" is rendered, do an initial search. This updates the view correctly if something changed when coming from item details.
  • Reset upload page on init (#294)
  • Fixes regarding base-url setting and auth cookie (#308)
  • Fixes in openapi spec (#338, #343)
  • Fixed error messages for modal dialogs (tag/organization/person) (#341)

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • No changes, besides some fixes to urls in the spec to be constistent to the app.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • No changes.


Sep 28, 2020

Thanks to a lot of great input from users, this release fixes annoyances in the ui.

  • Improve startup experience wrt the base-url setting. Docspell now uses request headers to determine absolute urls if this setting is unchanged. (#250)
  • Fixes scrolling issues when going from detail to list view and vice versa. (#254)
  • Fix quick search component to keep search term between changes. (#261)
  • Docspell now provides a valid manifest to be an installable "pwa".
  • Fixes consumedir.sh script to work with whitespace in filenames. (#269)
  • Fix hidden fields feature. Hidden fields are now resetted when clicking Confirm. (#256)
  • Improve Save Name in item detail: The save button is removed and changes are saved while typing. (#255)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts in item detail for navigating and confirm/unconfirm. (#225)
  • Detect duplicate files server side. The processing task is now able to detect duplicate files to skip them if desired. The ui has a new checkbox when uploading. (#252)
  • Improve view of many attachments to an item: The tab menu is replaced by a dropdown menu that allows to change attachments also on small screens and/or when there are many attachments.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • No changes to default config values.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Amend ItemUploadMeta with a skipDuplicates flag for ignoring duplicate files on processing.


Sep 09, 2020

This is a bugfix release. The full-text-index requires a schema upgrade for the added language that got lost in the previous release.


Sep 07, 2020

This release didn't change much on the surface, but contains a lot of improvements for processing files.

  • Improves the recognition of correspondents and people in the documents. Until now, the analyser didn't know about the existing organizations/people of a collective. Now this data is given to the analyser as input which results in a higher accuracy when finding matches. This may result in high memory usage depending on the size of the collective data and therefore can be disabled in the config file.
  • Adds text classification. Docspell can now learn from your existing tagged items. Given a tag category, a statistical model is created from your existing documents and used to predict a tag (of that category) for new documents. Creating this model may need a lot of memory and therefore text classification can be disabled globally via the config file. Additionally each collective can enable/disable it. Learning is done periodically via a user-task that can be configured in the collective settings.
  • Adds the language french, supported for text extraction and text analysis.
  • Fixes some build failures that produced artifcats with source files.
  • Change the job priority of any waiting job from the Processing page.
  • Serving static asset files gzipped, to reduce bandwidth

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • New settings in joex.analysis.regex-ner, ….classification and ….working-dir for the classifier and NER feature.
  • New setting in server.show-classification-settings to hide/show the classifier settings on the Collective Settings page. If classification is disabled globally (i.e. from all joex instances), the feature can be hidden from the users.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • /sec/collective/classifier/startonce to start the learning task separately from the schedule.
  • /sec/queue/{id}/priority for setting a new priority of a job (only for jobs in waiting state)
  • The CollectiveSettings object is amended with a new ClassifierSetting object.


Aug 15, 2020

  • Lots of web ui improvements:
    • Rework the search menu for tags and folders: The dropdown field is removed for tags and folders. They are represented as a list and items can be cycled through to be included/excluded or deselected. It is possible to use drag-and-drop to associate tags to items and put items into folders.
    • Rework page that displays sources; allow to copy the urls and add a qr code
    • Add item notes to the cards in the list view, can be configured if it is shown or not (#186, #201)
    • Improve how the item notes are displayed in the item detail view (#186, #192)
    • Fix the Load more… button
    • Allow to search by tag categories (#203)
    • Allow to edit metadata in item detail view. Until now it was only possible to add new metadata (#205)
    • Do not cover the whole screen with the metadata modal dialog, only the menu is now covered so that it is possible to select text from the document (#205)
    • Allow to hide some fields from the menus. What fields to display can be configured in the ui settings (#195)
  • Implemented some routes that were specified in the openapi, but have not been implemented so far
  • Fix source upload routes where it didn't check whether a source is enabled or not. Further checks are now done as first step to not upload the file into memory for nothing if something fails (e.g. the source doesn't exist)
  • Re-process files. A route has been added that submits files for re-processing. It is possible to re-process some files of an item or all. There is no UI for this for now. You'd need to run curl or something manually to trigger it. It will replace all extracted metadata of the files,but doesn't touch the metadata of the item. (#206)
  • Add a task to convert all pdfs using the OCRMyPdf tool that can be used in docspell since the last release. This task converts all your existing PDFs into a PDF/A type pdf including the OCR-ed text layer. There is no UI to trigger this task, but a script is provided to help with it. (#206)
  • There is now an Android Client App to conveniently upload files from your android devices

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • New setting docspell.server.max-note-length to specify how much of the item notes should be transeferred with each search result.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Added /sec/collective/tagcloud to return all used tags of a collective. This is the same as returned from the insights route, but without all the other data.
  • Added /sec/item/convertallpdfs to trigger a task for converting all currently unconverted pdfs
  • Added /sec/item/{id}/taglink for associating tags given by name or id
  • Added /sec/item/{id}/tagtoggle for toggling tags given by name or id
  • Added /sec/item/{id}/reprocess for submitting an item for being re-processed


Aug 1st, 2020

  • New feature: folders. Users can create folders and put items into them. Folders can have members (users of the collective) and search results are restricted to items that are in no folder or in a folder where current user is a member. (see #21)
  • Folders can be given to the upload request.
  • Add ocrmypdf utility to convert pdf->pdf with ocr-ed text layer.
  • Extract PDF metadata and use the keywords to search for tags and apply them to the item during processing. (See #175)
  • Fix duplicate results when doing fulltext only searches
  • Several small bug fixes and improvements in the UI
    • Fix position of datepicker (see #186)
    • Fix race condition when updating calendar-event field
    • Sort tags by count in collective-insights view
    • Simplify search bar
  • New website

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • Joex: add a section docspell.joex.convert.ocrmypdf for configuring the ocrmypdf tool.
  • Joex: change default value of ….extraction.pdf.min-text-len from 10 to 500.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Add /sec/folder/* routes for managing folders.
  • Add /sec/item/{id}/folder for updating an item folder.
  • Change ItemSearch structure to be able to search for items in a specific folder.
  • Change ItemDetail and ItemLight structure, adding the item folder
  • Change ItemUploadMeta structure, adding a folder id field.
  • Change Source structure, adding a folder id field.
  • Change User structure, adding the user id


June 29, 2020

  • Adds the full-text search feature (see #69). It requires a separate Solr instance. Items can be searched by documents contents and item/file names. It is possible to use full-text search to further confine the results via the search menu.
  • Fixes column types for item date and due-date for MariaDB (see #158) and adds an upper limit for due-dates (which is configurable).
  • Fixes a bug when cancelling jobs. Stuck jobs were only removed from the queue, but their cancel routine was not called.
  • Changes in cancelling process-item jobs: the item will still be created and not removed.
  • Fixes a bug where items could not be deleted if there were sent mails attached.
  • Fixes the openapi spec for the joex component. This made the generated live documentation unusable.
  • Changes to the consumedir.sh script:
    • Allow to recursively watch or traverse directories
    • Allow it to work with the integration endpoint. This allows using consumedir.sh for all collectives.
  • The docker setup now starts a solr container automatically and configures the consumedir container to use the integration endpoint. It is still necessary to define an environment variable.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • Set new default for docspell.server.max-item-page-size to 200.
  • New full-text-search section for restserver and joex.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Add /open/fts/reIndexAll/{key} to re-index the full-text search index. The key must be defined in the config file, so only admins can execute this.
  • Add /sec/fts/reIndex to allow a collective to re-index their data only.
  • Add /open/integration/checkfile/{id}/{checksum} to check whether a file is in docspell via the integration endpoint.
  • Add /sec/item/searchIndex to allow searching the full-text index only. This route returns the results as ordered by SOLR and not ordered by date.
  • The ItemSearch input data is extended to support the new full-text search field.
  • The ItemLight result structure now can contain "highlighting" information that is provided by the full-text search index.


June 17, 2020

  • Document integration endpoint and add a GET route to check it.
  • Add webui settings for the user. These settings only apply to the web client and are stored in the browser's local storage.
  • Enable paging in the item list view. The page size can be set in the new client settings. If the number of results is equal to this size, a button at the end of the page allows to load more.
  • The item list now contains all tags of an item.
  • The tag colors can be customized in the client settings. A color per tag category can be defined.
  • New meta data (tags, correspondents, concerned entities) can be created directly in the item detail view (see #138). No need to navigate away to the Manage Data page.
  • Fixes a bug in the dropdown widgets that would present items that have already been selected.
  • Allow to have multiple notify-due-items tasks.
  • New simple search feature: The list view now appears without the search menu by default. A search bar is shown instead that allows to search in item name and notes and in names of correspondents and concerned entities. The search menu can be opened as before. The name search field now only searches in item names (as before 0.3.0), i.e. it doesn't search item notes anymore, which is now possible with the allNames search field.
  • Fixes a bug where a search term was not lower-cased but compared to a lower-cased value (see #147).
  • Allow to change names of attachments.
  • Document how to create a SMTP gateway to docspell and provide a simple docker based setup. This is a SMTP server that delivers mails to docspell instead of using a mbox or maildir. It utilises the integration endpoint.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

  • Add docspell.server.max-item-page-size for a hard limit of the page size when fetching items.
  • Changed default value of docspell.server.integration-endpoint.allowed-ips.enabled to false.
  • Add docspell.server.backend.mail-debug to allow debug mail related problems.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Add GET /open/integration/item/{id} to allow checking the integration endpoint.
  • Change all routes to update item properties (name, tags, direction, corrOrg, corrPerson, concPerson, concEquipment, notes, date, duedate) from POST to PUT.
  • Add corresponding POST routes to create and update meta data in one call. This is only applicable: corrOrg, corrPerson, tags, concPerson, concEquipment.
  • Add POST /sec/attachment/{id}/name to change the name of an attachment.
  • Change /sec/usertask/notifydueitems to return a list of notification settings.
  • Change the POST route to /sec/usertask/notifydueitems to only create new notification tasks.
  • Add a PUT route to /sec/usertask/notifydueitems to update existing notification tasks.
  • Add a GET and DELETE route to /sec/usertask/notifydueitems/{id} to retrieve or delete a specific notification task.
  • The ItemSearch structure is extended to allow specifying offset and limit for paging (which is required now). It also has an optional property allNames to provide the search term for the new simple search feature.
  • The ItemLight structure has now a list of tags.


May 25th, 2020

  • New feature "Scan Mailboxes". Docspell can now read mailboxes periodically to import your mails.
  • New feature "Integration Endpoint". Allows an admin to upload files to any collective using a separate endpoint.
  • New feature: add files to existing items.
  • New feature: reorder attachments via drag and drop.
  • The document list on the front-page has been rewritten. The table is removed and documents are now presented in a β€œcard view”.
  • Amend the mail-to-pdf conversion to include the e-mail date.
  • When processing e-mails, set the item date automatically from the received-date in the mail.
  • Fixes regarding character encodings when reading e-mails.
  • Fix the find-by-checksum route that, given a sha256 checksum, returns whether there is such a file in docspell. It falsely returned false although documents existed.
  • Fix webapp for mobile devices.
  • Fix the search menu to remember dates in fields. When going back from an item detail to the front-page, the search menu remembers the last state, but dates were cleared.
  • Fix redirecting / only to /app.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

The joex and rest-server component have new config sections:

  • Add docspell.joex.mail-debug flag to enable debugging e-mail related code. This is only useful if you encounter problems connecting to mail servers.
  • Add docspell.joex.user-tasks with a scan-mailbox section to configure the new scan-mailbox user task.
  • Add docspell.joex.files section that is the same as the corresponding section in the rest server config.
  • Add docspell.server.integration-endpoint with sub-sections to configure an endpoint for uploading files for admin users.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

  • Change /sec/email/settings to /sec/email/settings/smtp
  • Add /sec/email/settings/imap
  • Add /sec/usertask/scanmailbox routes to configure one or more scan-mailbox tasks
  • The data used in /sec/collective/settings was extended with a boolean value to enable/disable the "integration endpoint" for a collective.
  • Add /sec/item/{itemId}/attachment/movebefore to move an attachment before another.


May 1st, 2020

  • Allow to delete attachments of an item.
  • Allow to be notified via e-mail for items with a due date. This uses the periodic-task framework introduced in the last release.
  • Fix issues when converting HTML with unkown links. This especially happens with e-mails that contain images to attachments.
  • Fix various issues when importing e-mail files, for example:
    • fixes encoding problems for mails without explicit transfer encoding
    • add meta info (from, to, subject) to the converted pdf document
    • clean html mails to remove unwanted content (like javascript)
  • Fix classpath issue with javax.mail vs jakarta.mail

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

The Joex component has config changes:

  • A new section send-mail containing a List-Id e-mail header to use. Use an empty string (the default) to avoid setting such header. This header is only applied for notification mails.


Mar. 29, 2020

  • Support for archive files. Archives, for example zip files, contain the files that should go into docspell. Docspell now extracts archives and adds the content to an item. The extraction process is recursive, so there may be zip files in zip files. File types supported:
    • zip every file inside is added to one item as attachment
    • eml (RCF822 E-Mail files) E-mails are considered archives, since they may contain multiple files (body and attachments).
  • Periodic Tasks framework: Docspell can now run tasks periodically based on a schedule. This is not yet exposed to the user, but there are some system cleanup jobs to start with.
  • Improvement of the text analysis. For my test files there was a increase in accuracy by about 10%.
  • A due date that is found during text analysis is now set on the item. If multiple due dates are found, the earliest one is used.
  • Allow to switch between viewerjs PDF viewer or the browser's builtin viewer.
  • Bug fixes related to handling text files.
  • Add a configurable length limit for text analysis

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

The configuration of the joex component has been changed.

  • new section docspell.joex.periodic-scheduler for configuring the periodic scheduler
  • new section docspell.joex.house-keeping for configuring house-keeping tasks
  • new section docspell.joex.text-analysis for configuring the new size limit
  • The command for running wkhtmltopdf changed in that the encoding is now added at runtime.

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

The REST Api has some additions:

  • new route to retrieve the archive file
  • add field in ItemDetail data that refers to the archive files of the attachments


Mar. 1, 2020

  • Support for many more document types has been added (including images and office documents). All input files are converted into PDF files (the original file is preserved).
  • PDF Text extraction improved by omitting OCR if text can be stripped.
  • There is a new PDF viewer (utilizing viewerjs) that also works in mobile browsers.
  • Improve editing notes: Since notes may evolve, there is now a larger edit form and a markdown preview.
  • Show the extracted information (text, labels, proposals) of an attachment in the Webui.
  • The name search now also searches in item notes.
  • Bug fixed where it was possible to create invalid input when creating new sources.
  • Bug fixed where the item menu was not properly initialized for equipments.
  • The ds.sh script has now an option to check a file for existence in docspell.

Configuration ChangesπŸ”—

The configuration of the joex component has been changed.

  • removed docspell.joex.extraction.allowed-content-types
  • other settings in docspell.joex.extraction have been moved to docspell.joex.extraction.ocr
  • added docspell.joex.extraction.ocr.max-image-size
  • added docspell.joex.extraction.pdf.min-text-len
  • added sections in docspell.joex.convert for pdf conversion settings

REST Api ChangesπŸ”—

The REST Api has some additions:

  • new route to retrieve the original file
  • new route to get the rendered pdf of an attachment (using viewerjs)
  • add field in ItemDetail data that refers to the original files of the attachments


Jan. 12, 2020

The second release of Docspell addresses some annoying issues in the UI and adds a "send by email" feature.

  • Send an item and its attachments via E-Mail (requires to setup SMTP settings per user)
  • Add a search field for meta data
  • The item detail view is now a perma-link
  • New endpoints to check whether a file is in Docspell by using their SHA-256 checksum (see the api doc here and here), the scripts in tools/ now use this endpoint to skip existing files
  • Better support multiple attachments with long names in the UI
  • Fixes textarea updating issues


Sep. 21, 2019

The initial release of Docspell containing the basic features with a Web UI:

  • Create items by uploading PDF files
  • Analyze the PDF files and propose meta data
  • Manage meta data and items
  • View processing queue