Admin Endpoint🔗

The admin endpoint defines some routes for adminstration tasks. This is disabled by default and can be enabled by providing a secret:

  admin-endpoint {
    secret = "123"

This secret must be provided to all requests to a /api/v1/admin/ endpoint.

The most convenient way to execute admin tasks is to use the cli. You get a list of possible admin commands via dsc admin help.

To see the output of the commands, there are these ways:

  1. looking at the joex logs, which gives most details.
  2. Use the job-queue page when logged in as docspell-system
  3. setup a webhook to be notified when a job finishes. This way you get a small message.

All admin tasks (and also some other system tasks) are run under the account docspell-system (collective and user). You need to create this account and setup the notification hooks in there - not in your normal account.