Auto-Tagging must be enabled in the collective profile. Docspell can go through your items periodically and learn from your existing tags. But not all tags are suited for learning. Docspell can only learn relationships between tags and the document's extracted text. Thus, all tags that don't relate to the contents of a documents, should be excluded.

For example, assume there is a tag Done that is associated to all items that have been worked on. Over time, most of the items have this tag. Whether an item is tagged with Done or not cannot be well determined by looking at the text of the document. It would mean that Docspell could learn relationships that are not correct and then tag the next incoming items with Done.

That is why you need to specify what tags to learn. This is done by defining whitelist or a blacklist of tag categories. When defining a whitelist, then only tags in these categories are selected for learning. When defining a blacklist, all tags except the one in the list are chosen for learning.

The Schedule allows to define at what intervals tags should be learned. When clicking the Start Now button, the task is submitted immediately.