Docspell Documentation

To get started, here are some quick links:

  • Using docker and docker-compose. This sets up everything: all prerequisites, both docspell components and a container running the consumedir.sh script to import files that are dropped in a folder.
  • Download, Unpack and Run. This option is also very quick, but you need to check the prerequisites yourself. Database is already setup, but you'd need to setup SOLR (when using fulltext search) and install some programs for the joex component. This applies to the zip and deb files. The files can be downloaded from the release page.
  • via the nix package manager and/or as a NixOS module. If you use nix/nixos, you know what to do. The linked page contains some examples.
  • Unraid: While not official, there are user provided notes and unraid templates which can get you started. Thanks for providing these!

Every component (restserver, joex, consumedir) can run on different machines and multiple times. Most of the time running all on one machine is sufficient and also for simplicity, the docker-compose setup reflects this variant.