Registration Options🔗

This defines if and how new users can create accounts. There are 3 options:

  • closed no new user can sign up
  • open new users can sign up
  • invite new users can sign up but require an invitation key

This applies only to the REST sevrer component.

docspell.server.backend.signup {
  mode = "open"

  # If mode == 'invite', a password must be provided to generate
  # invitation keys. It must not be empty.
  new-invite-password = ""

  # If mode == 'invite', this is the period an invitation token is
  # considered valid.
  invite-time = "3 days"

The mode invite is intended to open the application only to some users. The admin can create these invitation keys and distribute them to the desired people. For this, the new-invite-password must be given. The idea is that only the person who installs docspell knows this. If it is not set, then invitation won't work. New invitation keys can be generated from within the web application or via REST calls (using curl, for example).

curl -X POST -d '{"password":"blabla"}' "http://localhost:7880/api/v1/open/signup/newinvite"